Musicanti di Brema - Lyrics

We have been the gardeners we have been the workers
little angels of the house keepin’ the whole in order
But the room was in a mess when the teacher took a class
talkin’ about the colour for the grass
Think we should have studied more but now the school is over
God is breathin’ on our neck to get the map we stole while
the world is in a mess and we’re tryin’ to change our class
drink our glass smoke our grass save our ass
We are gonna steal an object
to set down our affairs
We just wanna win a washer
which could clean the nightmare
Come enjoy the labyrinth
call yourself a rover
Followin’ the twine
until the time is over
Followin’ the twine
but never found the loom
We just can’t remember why
We just can’t remember who
God rules all upon my bedroom
all o’er the world wars
He just wanna make us feel dwarves
put our things in order
Take a picture of the good times we guys spend together
Drinkin’ on this sinkin’ ship feelin’ rich and clever

Choosin’ the pieces, chasin’ them all
A temple’s a puzzle that’s made of stone
Choosin’ the pieces chasin’ them all
A temple’s just a puzzle you can make on your own
I had a dream when I was just about two
everybody was wrong and my parents too
I had a dream when I was just three
everybody was eatin’ shit but me
And I’m riding a turtle of faith
with no god to thank with no world to blame
and I’ve been riding a turtle of faith
everyday everyday everyday everyday
I’ve been buildin’ a cromlech outside the cromlech
Been buildin’ a cromlech outside their cromlech
Choosin’ the pieces, findin’ the words
Trapped in the puzzle and carved in stone
Caught in a cage on the page that I wrote
in this holy book I made on my own
I’m eatin’ my bread while I sink in my wine
been bound to this chainball all of my life
but find some gunpowder to spark my recipe
and you’ll watch me fly over the enemy lines
And I’m riding a turtle of faith
and I’m saying my evening prayers
No more psychologies, just self made mythologies
they could save the day
everyday, everyday
I’m riding a turtle of faith
and now I feel no shame
I’m saying my prayers saying my prayers
they could save the day
everyday everyday

Je m’appelle Sylvaine et j’ai un manege
C’est pas un manege, on dit qu’c’est une attraction
au bord de la foire, au bord des lampions
Je m’appelle Sylvaine et j’ai une attraction beige
Je m’appelle Sylvaine et j’regarde les gens
au centre de la fete, les tetes tournees
vers les lumieres et les cris si grossiers
Au centre du monde, ca passe devant
Les yeux dans le ciel et les pieds de gravier
Ca compte loin de mon vieux compteoir
mais ca va comme ca parce que j’aime le soir
Je m’appelle Sylvaine et j’bois mon vin coupe
Je m’appelle Sylvaine et je suis jamais seule
J’ai mes pantins, mes etoiles qu’on ne voit plus
les parfums d’autrefois et les tambours battus
mais la foule d’un desert m’ennuie un peu
je prend mon fusil et je tire sur les gens
les bouchons de liege sur le rythme du popcorn
et la femme vetue de blanc ca fait quatre cents points
Je m’appelle Sylvaine et je suis le manege
Je prend mon fusil et je tire sur les gens
Le vieil homme aux lunettes gagne un autre bouchon
et l’enfant du notaire retire son prix
Je m’appelle Sylvaine et je suis l’attraction
Je m’appelle Sylvaine et j’ai plus d’attractions
En ferraillant la grande fete est partie
Je sais que les foires ont leurs asiles aussi
et mon asile est d’rester seule comme un con
je prend mon fusil et je tire mes bouchons
mais je n’rappelle plus si c’etaient balles de plomb
et la femme vetue de blanc ca fait quatre cents points
Je m’appelle Sylvaine et je suis le manege
Je m’appelle Sylvaine et...
et je m’ennie un peu


Into the battle the dunce is gonna dance around the circle
Gettin’ near a fire the drums will play the same old song
Shopping and revering ‘em all into the mall you hear the style call
so you keep on shakin’ your bums until the leaders gong
Let’s go together in a place that’s far beyond the sun
over the great Orion
and load our guns
Shoot all your bolt against the chart
Imagination’s your dart
It tears apart
Once I met the man who had the manners of a caveman
his untrustworthy eyes said “why do you sing along?”
I’m just like a bird and from my birth I like the brave men
so I don’t tell no lies I sing like I’m ringing a ding dong
Feet down to the ground
Hands up to the sun
That’s why the mountain told me to keep the volume high
That’s why the Quentin told me
That’s why the Long Train told me
That’s why Dean Martin told me
That’s why the Mountain told me to keep the volume high


Drink a spoon
from this river
Play a tune
for a wicked soul
Here we flow
down this river
dressed in sunday clothes
You tame us in this churchyard when we go
Mom, hey, when do we go?
Thought it over
cross the river
We are what we read
previous issues
we tame in our old garage when they age
Mom, hey, when do we go?
Thought it over
In this windy afternoon
garages sleep upon their doom
they dream of smoke
they dream the day
when all the papers burn
Burn burn burn burn burn
Burn down burn down low
Down down down down low
Down down down down low
Down down below


The roaring of the engine draws a perfect cut
across the beard of my land, now we cross our paths
Some life just would be captured so I’ll hold this pact
Herr Murnau please to meet you
‘though I think that we’re a different kind
Herr Murnau don’t you fool me
tell me what you sacrify
We are parties to a plot
That a little film divide
Bring your presents in this grot
and the box that traps the sun inside
Herr Murnau don’t be nervous
I am gonna play the beast for you
Herr Murnau tell your servant
I want some make-up for me too
Herr Murnau don’t be nervous
I think we are a different kind
Just tell me what’s your sacrifice
I read the book you talk about
Give me a draught of cordial now
I can’t remind the face of my love
I read the book I think it’s sad
In the last chapters of this plot
the hunter plays the lamb
Bring the light over this spot
and turn all lymph to sand
Bring the light upon this spot
Contour lines black and white
There was blood once in my shadow
You’re an albumin vampire
Last chapters of this plot
Bring the light upon this spot


Heat of noon
Their black clothes hide the lights of the moon
The gift I received
rarely they give
A knot of three
on a saffron wall was waiting me
They started to sing
This their string
Hard law of fate
we’re going to say
In this world, man
you walk watchin’ back
This Rigmarole
teaches all you must know
that we must kneel, man
to the three Maids’ command
They were there to hear the cry
when the lame king became blind
Don’t use your ears
sound of their shears
snippin’ now
The first one showed how
a quest has been worked out
by the still living dead man
That in childhood was hanged
Two told the tale
The hanged child was lame
Three said this song
proved the lame man was wrong
What I thought when I sailed
is “winds of doom, I dare”
But we live in a ring, the storm has drawn it on my skin
Rape my life
A river takes me now
Two feet’s pride, morning star
Watch three feet cryin’ on


Non sempre con la falce solo erba taglieremo
Che l’Europa e’ antidoto, l’Europa e’ veleno
S’aggira uno spettro nei pressi di Bremen
Il padre di tuo padre ha insegnato alla mia schiena
come suona il giogo, come la catena
Oggi suona il sasso, al passo verso Brema
Ho annunciato ogni giorno che ha mandato Dio
La mia voce e’ il taglio tra travaglio e oblio
Questo giorno del Signore voglio che sia mio
Let my shoulders bend
under the weight of your feet, my friends
See what man is like
by this totem head
through the windows light
Let my shoulders bend
under the weight of your feet, my friends
See what man is like
Swear we won’t be meat
in this world of knives
Tu che un tempo hai morso i morsi dalla fame
Tu sei stato guardia, vieni, lasciati guardare
Trova un nuovo orgoglio spoglio del collare
Ha messo consiglio il nostro artiglio per un poco
Ho dormito in casa tua, un’ombra sul tuo fuoco
Ora l’alba aspetti, allunghi i suoi rintocchi
non spengano il mistero che dorme nei miei occhi
Join the city band
‘cause both Rome and Moscow turned to sand
In this place this time
swear we won’t be meat
In this world of knives


30 Ottobre 2020KALEVALA live @ Druso,
Ranica, Bergamo (IT)
20 Novembre 2020KALEVALA live @ Circus,
Scandicci, Firenze (IT)
21 Novembre 2020KALEVALA live @ Dagda,
Retorbido, Pavia (IT)



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